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Parga Region

The picturesque town and port of Parga with only 2.5 thousand inhabitants lies on the north-western coast of the Greek mainland in the region of Epirus, washed by the Ionian Sea. It is located close to the well-known and popular island of Corfu and two smaller islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. With its architecture, Parga belongs to the typical Greek seaside resorts. The low coloured houses in the port are built in a cascade on the hillslope, rising above the blue bay, and this spectacular mosaic is divided by the surrounding rocks covered with green vegetation and olive trees.

History of Parga

The history of the Parga region is very rich, as it is the case of many localities in Greece. The oldest findings in the place bring evidence of the settlement as early as in the Stone Age. Yet the tangible and well visible historical sites only come from the subsequent eras. The today’s completely free and independent town of Parga, pertaining to Greece, was by turns under the rule of different nations in the past,. Whether they were the Venetians, Russians, Turks or British, all of them left there some influence. Some of it can be seen e.g. on the Venetian Castle originally from the 11th century, with its remnants that can be admired on a hill above the town. With its location, it is a perfect place for an afternoon walk since from its walls, you can enjoy the adorable view on the wide surroundings, the colourful roofs of the little houses and the sea surface. After a nice trip or bathing in the sea, visit some of the local restaurants or tavernas for a delicious dinner made of the gifts of the Greek nature.

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Parga beaches

Those who enjoy classical summer holiday will find three attractive beaches right in the town - Krioneri,  Piso Krioneri and Parga. The first one that can be found very near the town centre, with sand and pebbles, is the main beach in the town. You will find there all the necessary services, including enough options of refreshment. Piso Krioneri is located only a short way from Krioneri, it is smaller and not so crowded, but like the Parga beach, it is completely equipped. Close to the centre, you can walk (or go by boat) to the beach of Valtos (approx. 2 km from Parga), located on the north-west of the town. Valtos is a several kilometres long beach covered with soft pebbles. It has beautifully green surroundings and turquoise blue water.

On the beaches you can practice water sports of various difficulty - from relaxing to adrenaline ones. Another interesting place is the beach of Lichnos, situated only a few kilometres from Parga. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole area, with a broad range of services, including sports and bars or tavernas, and the possibility to go fishing.

What to do in Parga?

The varied surroundings of Parga invite to go for both sightseeing and relaxing trips. The closest place to visit is the little island in the bay called Panagia (Virgin Mary island). Good swimmers can even swim to the island, others can go there on a boat or peddle boat. They will be rewarded by a visit of a small church and old French fortifications. Íf you are longing for an all-day trip, you can go to the mystical Nekromanteion Oracle dedicated to Hades, the ruler of the underworld, and his charming wife Pesephone. In the past people belived this was the gateway to the world of the dead and so, they were coming there to talk to their departed.

You can still observe there the perimeter walls, some of the windows, a staircase, and mysterious corridors. if you feel tempted by a boat ride, you can try the small islands of Paxos and Antipaxos near Corfu, with nice beaches and sleepy villages where time seems to have stopped. Also the island of Corfu is hiding many places of interest: the Mouse Island wrapped in a legend about Homer, the Achillion Castle of the empress Sissi with a nice garden and a splendid view, but also wonderful beaches, monasteries, churches, fortresses and museums. Further in the Greek interior, you will find plenty of natural unique places including mountain ranges, forests, marshes and archaelogical or religious sites. Besides all that, Praga has the perfect climate for hiking - you can read more about weather in the section Parga - Weather.

Recommended tours and travel agencies

There are not many travel agencies offering tours to Parga. If you are interested in the region, you can see the section Parga - Tours centre. We would also recommend you to see the sites of travel agencies listed in the chart - some of them may have special offers and discounts that coudln’t notice and include in our system.

Parga hotels and places of interest

If you are interested in the offer of tours, you can see the section Parga - Tours centre. For a review of hotels, resorts and places of interest, see the section List of sites in the menu on the left - it includes Parga suites and hotels, Tourist resorts, Monasteries, Museums and historical sites and Natural places of interest

Video from the Parga region

Here is a video on which Parga is quite well visible:


How to get to the Parga region?

To Parga, you can get easily by car from the Greek mainland. Yet if you prefer a faster transport, you can take a flight. Praga has no airport but there is one in the close town of Preveza and it is only a one hour drive from there. If you decide to stay in the town, there are different possibilities of accommodation depending on your budget, including camping sites or luxury hotel facilities.

Parga resorts

Travel agencies offer tours mostly to the resorts of Krioneri - Parga, Lichnos - Parga, Parga  - Centre and Valtos - Parga. For more details on where everything is located, see the Parga Region Map.

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