Climate and weather on Alonissos

Like on the other islands of the Northern Sporades, the winter is usually rainy but with nice temperatures around 17°C, which contributes to the growth of diverse vegetation early in the springtime. Alonissos hills are literally dotted with a number of healing herbs used in homeopathy, among others. The spring weather is perfect for hiking and trips on the island. You can find more information concerning i. a. the places of interest on the Alonissos in detail website.

Weather in autumn and spring

The weather in autumn and spring is basically similar, with the temperatures varying between 20 and 25°C, While the spring Alonissos is ideal especially for walking tours and getting to know the beautiful places on the island, in autumn, you can also bathe in the warmed sea. In the spring and autumn months, you need to count with occasional rain.

Summer on Alonissos

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the summer weather on the island is quite stable and with nice temperatures, the sea which is warmed enough and with scattered rain showers. 

Whether you set off to Alonissos during the peak season to bathe and idle on the warmed beaches, or in spring and autumn to know the island secrets, you will certainly find what you are searching for.

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