Crete - weather by season

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In January, the weather on Crete is usually windy, cold, and with frequent rain. Yet there is also approximately one week when the wind stops and the weather is quite nice and peaceful. Those days are called Halcyon Days according to the Alcyon or Kingfisher bird that lays eggs on Cretan beaches in January, and during the time it broods, the weather is exceptionally favourable.


In February is starts to get warm, and compared to January, there is also much more sunshine. First trees start to blossom on Crete - the almond trees. The cold days are followed irregularly by warmer days and thus the weather forecast is not very precise. Yet in this season there are no weather extremes like heat-cold, rain-dryness …


In March the weather is more more pleasant, with the first visitors apearing on the island. Sometimes one can see the first bold men bathing in the sea, but still you can appreciate the beautiful beaches without people and crowds at the historical sites…

The mornings are usually cold but during the day the temperatures often rise above 15°C and there is a lot of sunshine.

Everything on the island is in bloom, with wonderful colours and scents everywhere. The nature is flourishing.


The weather starts to get warmer. The daily temperatures rise to 20°C, there is almost no rain anymore, and Crete is still all green and all covered with flowers. April is one of the nicest and most agreeable months on Crete, with the blooming olive trees all over the island on an area of about 150 000 hectares.


Almost no wind and warm and sunny weather is promising of a wonderful stay. Light rain showers may appear but during the second half of May the rain is quite improbable.

If you are planning a tour, trips or other outdoor activities on Crete, all that spending your time in a nice environment, May is the month for that.


In June the true summer weather starts and it is already sunny and quite warm. The holiday weather on Crete is almost guaranteed. Although the nature is not blooming like in spring, there are still some plants flowering and you can notice the first fruits on the trees. Approximately in the mid-June, you can expect the season wind, Meltemi.

July and August

Those two months have been made to just lie on the beach and relax. The weather on Crete is hot and there are plenty of tourists, with some beaches and tourist destinations being overcrowded and higher prices for the food and services. Yet there is still a chance to find some calm place and enjoy not only the warmth and peace, but also the nicely warmed sea.


In September the weather gets colder a bit, the Meltami wind is milder. Crete stops being overcrowded and the sea is still nicely warm. The weather is favourable for outdoor physical activities, yet you need to bear in mind that the weather has been dry for several months and so Crete is not so green and flourishing like in spring.


In October the weather is still warmer than in June, with an almost permanent sunshine and no wind. In the evening you will need warmer clothes though, and maybe you will also experience small rain showers.


In November, a strange phenomenon occurs - as the winds from the south start blowing, they bring sand from Africa that covers all the sky and everything is in yellow creating unusual effects.

Just like in February, the nice and sunny days are followed by windy, cold and rainy weather. Warm clothes and rain protection are a must. Tourists will have almost disappeared from the island, so it becomes peaceful and you can still bathe in the sea. Despite the cold weather, you still have a chance to enjoy some nice days.


The weather in December is very similar to November. The Crete island is calm like in January or February, but towards the end of the year, you are more likely to enjoy nice weather than at the beginning of the new year. You can still bathe in the sea quite often, especially on the south coast, and if you are fine with a couple of rainy days, Crete is a very nice place to be in December. 

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