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Crete weather forecast

For current weather and up-to-date weather forecast for Creta, see here

At the very beginning, I must mention one thing which is essential to know when travelling to Crete. From the west to the east, the island is about 255 km long, and 60 km wide.

Yesterday for example, I talked to our partner from a car hire company. I also asked about the weather and he told me that from his office in Adelianos Kambos close to Rethymno, he could see the sun and blue sky and the temperature was 28°C, but a bit close to Heraklion close to Hersonissos, there is a heavy rainfall.

It is even worse with the wind. Crete is a very mountanious island, and so the wind forecast is quite impossible. I saw myself when there was an unbearable wind close to Plakias in the morning, whereas a few kilometres to the east, close to Damnoni, it was dead calm. And a few hours later, it was the other way around, i.e. dead calm in Plakios and strong wind in Damnoni.

So, if you are interested in the up-to-date weather forecast for the very place you are going to, it is good to search in the very location. The basic places where you can receive meteorological information, are airports. Therefore on Crete, you can get a very good weather forecast in Chania and Heraklion, and also in Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos.

One of the most recommendable sites is After all, who would have most updated insformation than the main Greek meteorological service.

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Meteorological stations on Crete

The most up-to-date weather including wind speed, atmospheric pressure, etc. Minute by minute but also data for the past two years:

ChaniaHeraklion PortRethymnoKnossosLasithiPaleochora

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Links for the weather forecast on Crete. They are mostly based on the meteorological station in Heraklion.

You can find the general information on weather and climate on Crete in the section Weather in general, Weather by season or Longterm averages

A very interesting source for the weather forecast on Crete. You can see the weather forecast for up to 15 days, or the forecast hour by hour.
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