Karpathos - Map of resorts and beaches

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Karpathos Island Map

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Karpathos Island map with ersorts and beaches

Although Karpathos is a small island and you probably won’t need a map, we have prepared for you at least a basic map with the main resorts and beaches. On the island itself you will probably find more beaches than seen on the map - the way it works is that when someone gets into water, a sign is put there and a new beach is born. In all cases our Karpathos map includes the most important places you should see or visit.

For a detailed information on the beaches, see Karpathos beaches, for information on resorts, see Karpathos resorts.

Basic Karpathos road map

On the map below you can find the few roads on Karpathos Island:

Karpathos maps on the internet

Schematic map of Karpathos without roads, only resorts and beaches

General map with the main roads and boat transport

Karpathos map with historical sites and other places of interest

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