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Reasons to rent a car

Lefkada is a relatively small island but you can still find there many interesting and amazing places, including the green island interior or the magnificent beaches in the west of the island. On Lefkada you will always be nicely surprised. For more information, see our Tips for trips on Lefkada. Staying on one place only when on holiday would be a pity, it is definitely worth to rent a car so that you can move freely and adapt your programme to your needs. Of course you can also rent a scooter, a four-wheeler or a motorbike but a car is still more comfortable: in the morning, you can set off to a superb beach in the west, at noon, you can go to see waterfalls spending the hottest weather in the cooling shade of sweet-smelling trees, and in the afternoon, you can visit another beach somewhere else. Within a few days, you will know all the beauties of Lefkada and every day, you can bathe on a different (and beautiful) place.

Car rental on Lefkada: Where, when and for how much

There are several car rental services on Lafkada and you can usually find a car on the sport. Yet during the high season, i. e. approximately from the beginngin of July till the mid-September, it can happen that all the cars will be rented,or you will need to wait for them. Also the prices can be twice as high as the car rentals can see people are interested in the cars but have nowhere to get one. Another possibility is that you will be offered a car by a courier but this is not advantageous either. The couriers usually receive high commission from the rental services, and so, they don´t try to recommend you the best option but the one they will be paid for the best. Therefore renting a car via a courier is usually more expensive than negotiating the rental directly.  

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