Kissamos / Kastelli

The port town of Kissamos, also called Kasteli, with two thousand inhabitants is located on the north-west end of Crete, approximately 43 km west of Chania. The town owes its name Kastelli to the fact that there used to stand an old Venetian castle in the place. The town of Kissamos is known among the tourists especially for the pleasure boat departing to the Gramvousa Fortress from the local port, and the photogenic beach of Balos.

Tourist background

At first sight, the town looks like a small long village, with its main landmark being the small square of Tzanakaki. Then it has an about 3 km long and rather uninteresting main avenue which ends up in the town port. Yet it is there where you will find many different shops, tavernas and bars with a very nice atmosphere, that will completely change your point of view on the whole place.

The beach

Kissamos is lined by a long sandy beach. In some places, you will find soft sand and umbrellas with deckchairs, while in other parts, the beach is not maintained, it has no beach service and its bedrock is formed by coarse sand.

Jak se tam dostanu

The town can be reached comfortably in an air-conditioned bus departing from the bus terminal in Chania. You can get on anywhere on its route, whether in the resorts of Kastelli, Agia Marina, or Platanias and other places.

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