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Téma: Natural Products For The Prevention And Treatment Of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases In Rochester City in New York State In United States Call +27710732372 Hazyview Town in Mpumalanga South Africa

Dr Shik Zubaili
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25. 6. 2021
Natural Products For The Prevention & Treatment Of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Call +27710732372 Pietermaritzburg

Natural products from herbal remedy, medicinal plants, functional foods, +27710732372 and their constituents have been used for the treatment of various diseases including cancer from ancient time to recent days; increasing emphasis has been focused on the research on traditional medicine: many herbs and medicinal plants. This requires new approaches to overcome inflammation mediated diseases and thus natural products could be efficacious sources for prevention and treatment of these diseases. Since this view has made preclinical and clinical researchers start exploring the potential of natural products to overcome inflammation mediated diseases, our journal published a special issue devoted to the topic of natural products for the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with the integration of traditional medicine into modern chronic diseases care. The result is a collection of 17 outstanding articles submitted by investigators across countries worldwide.

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